Bike Theft Policy

Bike Theft Advice

VELOBOXES is not responsible for your bike or for the loss, damage or theft of bicycles on site of the Velobox unit or for any property or items which you leave on the bike/ in the unit while it is in storage. This includes all accessories, not limited to: locks; water bottles, lights & child carriers.

The Velobox provide a layer of security for your bike and we strongly recommend that you also lock your bike within the unit to provide a robust three-point locking system.

  • Lock your bike to your secure allocated solid bike stand.
  • Remove all accessories, such as lights, carriers etc
  • Use a heavy duty D – Lock, and combine this with a secondary locking system to provide security to all areas of the frame and wheels.
  • Register your bike at

Secure your bike don’t let it be stolen.

More than 500,000 bikes are stolen in the UK each year – don’t let yours be one of them. Follow our top tips to secure your bike and stop it from being stolen.

Insurance Advice

VELOBOXES does not include insurance of your bike and we recommend that insurance is purchased at your own cost.

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